Donovan Kolbly's Home Page


This is my personal home page, which as such things go, isn't too fancy. But, it's a place to stuff links that are of interest to me, my family, friends, colleagues, and other folks who are in my extended sphere of contacts.


My academic work culminated in 2002 with the completion of a Ph.D. program of study at the University of Texas at Austin. Included in that work was a dissertation, Extensible Language Implementation (in Compressed PostScript and PDF) which describes how hygienic macros can be implemented by interleaving compilation with macro expansion (instead of in a pre-pass), and also describes how this and other beautiful properties of Lisp-type macros can be made available in languages with more traditional syntax.


Apart from my academic work, I am generally interested in many issues in language design and implementation. The most outstanding manifestation of this interest is in the RScheme project, which is a well-structured scheme implementation with some nice features.

I originally implemented RScheme with a lot of advice and direction from my then-advisor, Paul Wilson, although he is no longer practicing the art.

Personal Life

Apart from my professional and academic interests, I do have a personal life. At various times, pictures and artifacts from my personal and family life are available here. Nothing is here at the moment since I am still migrating my content over from an older server.


In support of my projects and personal life, I try to be highly available. E-mail is the preferred form of communication, but otherwise I may be contacted by many means: