Network Functions

Table of Contents
make-fd-set -- Create a file descriptor set for use by fd-select.
fd-select -- Test for operations.
set-socket-option -- Sets a socket option.
get-socket-option -- Get a socket option value.
inet-addr->string -- Render an internet address.
string->inet-addr -- Create an internet address object.
make-inet-socket-addr -- Create an internet socket address.
inet-socket-addr-parts -- Extract socket address parts.
socket-address-family->integer -- Identifiy socket address family.
socket-type->integer -- Identifiy socket type.
socket-create -- Creates a socket.
socket-listen -- Listen on a socket.
socket-bind/unix -- Bind a socket to a unix address.
socket-bind/inet -- Bind a socket to an internet address.
socket-bind/inet-sockaddr -- Bind a socket to a socket address (IP and port)
socket-accept -- Accept a connection.
socket-connect/inet -- Connect to remote address.
host-name->address -- Look up a host by name.
host-address->name -- Look up a host by address.
recv-from -- Receive a packet.
send-to -- Send a packet.