stat Functions

Table of Contents
stat -- Stat a file.
lstat -- Stat a link.
stat-type -- Get the type of the stat buffer.
stat-mode -- Get the mode of the stat'd file.
stat-owner -- Get the owner of the file.
stat-eq? -- Check if two buffers refer to same object.
stat-id->hash -- Compute hash number for stat buffer.
stat-id-vector -- Return a vector of file identity info.
stat-mtime -- Return mtime for stat buffer.
stat-times -- Returns file times.
stat-size -- Returns file size.
stat-directory? -- Determine if a stat buffer belongs to a directory.
stat-file? -- Determine if a stat buffer belongs to a file.
stat-access? -- Determine if an entity can access the stat'ed object in a given mode.
make-fd-open-mode -- Create an open mode for fd-open.
access-mask -- Create an access mask for file-access?.