Functions Reference

Table of Contents
postgres-connect -- Connect to Postgres95 server
pg95-connect -- Underlying function to connect to PG95
pg95-exec-command -- Execute a command against the database.
pg95-with-tuples -- Execute a query (like "select") against the database
pg95-field-names -- Get the names of the fields in a result's tuples.
pg95-field-number -- Determine which field has a given name.
pg95-field-size -- Get the size of the given field.
pg95-field-type -- Get the PG95 type id for the values in the given field.
pg95-get-value -- Get the value of a particular field in a particular tuple of a result.
pg95-type -- Get the type name for a given PG95 type id.
table->list -- Return all the rows of a table as a list of objects.
oid->instance -- Return the identified row as an instance.
make-extractor -- Create a tuple extractor function.