Chapter 24. Unix System Interface

Table of Contents
get-env -- Get an environment variable.
set-env -- Set an environment variable.
reset-env -- Replace process environment.
unset-env -- Remove key from environment.
mkdir -- Create directory
mkdirs -- Create directories
system -- Invoke command using sh
getrusage -- Get process resource usage.
open-input-process* -- Open an input process.
sleep -- Sleep for the given amount of time.
fork -- Fork a new process
wait -- Wait for process completion.
wait-for -- Wait for a particular subprocess to complete.
getpid -- Get the current process id.
getpgrp -- Get process group id.
getppid -- Get parent process id.
getuid -- Get user id.
geteuid -- Get effective user id.
getlogin -- Get the name of the login user.
getpw -- Get the password entry for the given entity.
exec* -- Transform current process into a new program.
exec -- Exec a new program.
pipe -- Create a pipe pair.
kill -- Send a signal to a process.
hostname -- Determine the hostname of the current machine.

This chapter describes the functions available from the unixm module.