Chapter 23. POSIX System Call Interface

Table of Contents
Time Functions
File Descriptor Functions
Filesystem Functions
stat Functions
Network Functions

All the material in this chapter is available from the syscalls module, which is an add-on package (since not all systems support this functionality).

Time Functions

Table of Contents
epoch-seconds->time -- Returns the time object which is the given number of seconds
interval->string -- Format an interval into a string.
time+interval -- Adds an interval to a time.
interval+interval -- Adds two intervals.
interval-interval -- Interval difference.
negative-interval -- Compute negative interval.
time-time -- Compute the interval between two times.
time<? -- Time comparison.
clock-thunk -- Measure the execution time (as by clock()) of a function.
time-thunk -- Measure the wall-clock execution time of a function.
clock -- Return the process clock.
time -- Return the current time.
day->time -- Construct a time from a day and seconds within the day.
time-again! -- Save current time into object.
time->calendar -- Get calendar point for given time.
time->string -- Render a time to a string.
seconds->interval -- Convert number of seconds to interval.
time->epoch-seconds -- Convert time to number of seconds since epoch.
interval->seconds -- Get number of seconds in interval.