Aux Doc Notes

16. Aux Doc Notes

16.1. Questions To Answer

  1. Are signals handled while a commit is going on?

  2. Since there's a online-gc, do we still have to protect commits from simultaneous read access to the store? (Would it be possible to catch commit/write conflicts at the thread system level instead of application level locking?)

  3. How many pstores may a program have open simultaneously? (Breaking the 40GB limit.)

  4. Problems when a pstore is closed?

  5. What is the cost of a "null" commit, and how to avoid it?

16.2. An old outline...

** Design
[] Architectural Overview
*** Pointer Swizzling at Page Fault Time
*** Architectural Adaption (Compatibility)
*** Multiple Heaps
*** Disk Storage Management and Recovery
**** Log-structured Storage Manager

** Use Cases
*** Simple Persistent Application

** Memory-Mapped Object Repository
*** Initialization
*** Pivots
*** Garbage Collection
*** Commit Processing
**** Reachability-based Persistence
**** Loss of Object Identity
*** Allocation Areas
*** Swizzle Modes
*** Rollback
*** Page Stream Format

** Log Structured Storage Manager
*** Record-Structured Storage
*** Multiple Volumes
*** Compaction
*** Index Diffing
*** Distributed LSS

** Reference
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