Library Table of Contents

This table lists all modules contained in the library, together with their status. The Needs glue? column indicates whether or not the module requires that define-safe-glue be available, and hence whether the library has to be compiled in order to use the library.

Here is a key to the general condition of modules, in increasing order of stability:

Module Name Needs glue? General Condition Description
app.ibis.backend Yes wip An issue-based information system
app.indexer Yes sketch A text indexing system
app.sourcebase Yes unstable A source code repository (formerly used for RScheme)
graphics.afm No stable Adobe Font Metrics support
graphics.axes Yes unstable Drawing graph axes
graphics.charpath No unstable Turning characters into outlines (paths)
graphics.color.dither Yes unstable Representing colors by dithering
graphics.color No stable Color data model
graphics.device Yes stable Graphics output device model (with PS and PDF implementations)
graphics.fontmgr No stable Font management Yes unstable libgd interface
graphics.geometry No stable 2-D graphics geometry
graphics.image No unstable Graphical image abstract data type
graphics.png Yes unstable PNG image representation
graphics.pnm No unstable PNM image representation
graphics.styles No unstable Composable, inheritable graphic styles
graphics.tiff Yes unstable TIFF image representation Yes wip A vector drawing program
gui.rstep.x Yes wip A GUI interface library
gui.util.x Yes wip Helper utilities for using gui.x
gui.x No stable An X11 interface a la CLX
rs.backend.c No stable Dynamic C code generation and linking
rs.db.oodb No wip An object-oriented database implementation No wip Something like Common Lisp's #+ and #- No stable Long strings like Python's """ and shell's <<EOF No unstable A more complex datum reader No stable Input ports with rewind No unstable A more complex Scheme scanner, for use with No unstable A more complex input port, for use with No unknown Keep track of files that are loaded (a la gcc -MM) No unstable telnet support for a running process No unstable A DNS server library No unstable Generate HTML using macros No unstable Parse HTML No unstable Sketchy HTTP support Yes stable A real HTTP server ( uses this) Yes complete Message Digest (MD5) No stable Network Virtual Terminal (NVT) support, e.g., for telnet No complete Privacy-Enhanced Email (PEM) support (just base64 encoding so far) Yes wip A Post-Office Protocol (POP) server Yes sketch Look like a CVS server Yes wip A services framework for big servers Yes complete Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA1) Yes unstable SSL support using a libssl subprocess No unstable A telnet server
rs.sys.compression Yes complete A zlib interface
rs.sys.errno Yes complete Unix error numbers
rs.sys.generic-math No unstable Math using all multi-way dispatch generic functions
rs.sys.multimethod No stable Method dispatch on multiple arguments
rs.sys.numeric No unstable Numerical algorithm support; just chop so far
rs.sys.undefine No unknown Undefine and redefine variables
rs.util.bits Yes unknown Work with bit vectors
rs.util.charset No stable Work with sets of characters
rs.util.collection No unstable Dylan collection protocol
rs.util.iterate No unknown do-times
rs.util.logfile No stable Log file with bounded sizes and rollover
rs.util.memoize No stable memoize procedure calls
rs.util.msgs No stable Message framework
rs.util.pack Yes stable Pack and unpack bytes to/from Scheme values No complete Property lists
rs.util.pstore.migrate No unknown Help migrate persistent data models
rs.util.pstoregc No unknown Support for garbage collecting persistent store
rs.util.quantity No stable Quantity support a la DSSSL
rs.util.realm No stable Authentication framework (HTTP Realms and console)
rs.util.relation Yes unstable An object/relationship programming model
rs.util.stdopt No unstable Process command-line arguments
rs.util.subprocess No unstable Something like scsh's run/collecting*
rs.util.tester Yes unstable REPL-level test driver
rs.util.text.diff Yes wip Levenshtein edit distance algorithm implementation for strings
rs.util.text No unstable Fancy text support; matrices, tables, globs
rs.util.types No stable Advanced type checking (singletons, unions)
rs.util.unicode No unstable Unicode character type information
srfi.1 No solid SRFI-1: List Library
srfi.2 No unknown SRFI-2: AND-LET*: an AND with local bindings, a guarded LET* special form
srfi.4 No unknown SRFI-4: Homogeneous numeric vector datatypes
srfi.9 No solid SRFI-9: Defining Record Types
srfi.18 No unknown SRFI-18: Multithreading support
srfi.27 Yes unknown SRFI-27: Sources of Random Bits
srfi.34 No unknown SRFI-34: Exception Handling for Programs
util.cprint No wip Print scheme-structured C source code
util.cvs.client No unstable Be a CVS pserver client
util.cvs.scan No unstable Crunch CVS logs
util.iconv Yes unstable Interface to iconv character coding converter
util.paste No stable Paste from X selection into REPL
util.patterns No unstable Scheme data patterns and transformation
util.pdf No unstable Read Portable Document Format files (PDFs)
util.pretty-print No unstable Yet Another Pretty Printer
util.readline No stable Line editing a la libreadline, but in Scheme
util.ssax Yes unstable SSAX library wrapper for RScheme
util.sxml Yes stable Native RScheme SXML parser
util.xml Yes stable SXML reading and writing interface
util.xpath Yes stable Partial (but quite useful) XPath support
rs.sys.crypto Yes unknown Bignum crypto stuff
rs.macros No complete Will Clinger's R5RS macros reference implementation
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